Handcrafted by JNH. Unique pieces for your collections

The artisanal production of JNH Made in Italy bags does not consist only of the own brand collection.
JNH makes its network of artisans available to brands and retailers for tailor-made creations, marrying every need for creativity even overcoming fashions and seasonal trends, but always in compliance with the highest quality standards worthy of Italian manufacturing production, (more specifically South Tyrolean) always appreciated in the world.
JNH bags stand out for their tangible sturdiness, the extreme refinement of workmanship and attention to detail, such as to highlight the design, uniqueness and preciousness of the product even more.

JNH makes its know-how available with a collaborative spirit and passion in all phases of realization:

creative phase: analysis of the client's brief - definition of the collection concept
creative / operational phase: choice of designs and materials
operational phase: prototype - manufacturing production - final product.
distribution phase (if required): national / international shipments and deliveries.