Y2K fashion, or the trend of the 2000s, is back. Nostalgia for the first years of the new millennium is rampant among young and old on a global level, proving, once again, that fashion is truly cyclical.

What does Y2K stand for?

Y2K is the acronym with which the British indicate the 2000s and we read Why To Key.

Y2K (also known as Cyber ​​Y2K, Futuristic Y2K, or Kaybug) is a prevalent aesthetic in popular culture from about 1997 to 2004. It takes its name from the Y2K Bug (also known as the Millennium Bug), which is the programming flaw that was feared would have blocked all computers at the time of the transition from 1999 to 2000, due to an alleged error that would have prevented the transition from a numbering to the other.

The Y2K aesthetic is characterized by a very distinct period that encompasses fashion, hardware design, music and furnishings that convey a particular technological optimism, sometimes literal.

Some of its iconic aspects are:

  • tight leather trousers;
  • shiny clothes;
  • silver eyeshadows;
  • boxy hairstyles;
  • nuances;
  • translucency, but also playful and fun dresses;
  • crochet garments and accessories (true protagonist of this fashion);
  • mini bags;
  • twisted rings;
  • flowered sandals.

Most of the aesthetics of the year 2000 are based on the use of technology but also on an elegant futuristic and colorful look, signaling the optimism of a new era. The Y2K era ended around the end of 2004 .

stile y2k

Y2K fashion

Unlike the sober and minimal style, Y2K fashion is all about excess. Technically, it covers the end of the 90s and the first half of the 2000s: for today’s Millennials it corresponds to the teenage years. To make it cool were the pop personalities who were true icons of those years:

  • Spice Girls;
  • Destiny’s Child;
  • Britney Spears;
  • Christina Aguilera;
  • Paris Hilton.

These are just to name a few from the world of music, along with screen icons such as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and Regina George from Mean Girls. And it is precisely from their wardrobe outfits that the most nostalgic pop personalities of today are inspired.

The 2000s are characterized by a mix of influences that Gen Z has rediscovered, falling in love with them and making them their own: from the ethnic of Middle Eastern / Asian derivation, to the hip hop looks of American origin. Iconic looks characterized by low-waisted trousers, cargo pants, super-tight white tank tops, pleated miniskirts, bright colors, all-over jeans and crop tops.

In all this nostalgia, it is no wonder that that imaginary has emerged as a seemingly steady point in the cycle of trends.
Today, celebrities and artists including Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Lil Nas X, Kanye West, Justin Bieber or Chiara Ferragni herself have created a cascading effect on the style of the new tastemakers through Tik Tok.

Their actions ended up generating a real trend in which the youngest perfectly simulate the style of their beloved celebrities.

y2k rap

How to dress Y2K?

If there was still a need, after having seen all kinds on social networks such as TikTok and Instagram, let’s find out in detail the must-have pieces of Y2K fashion to stay updated in 2022 and know what cannot be missing in your wardrobe.

Here are the must-haves of 2000s fashion that you absolutely must have now:

  • Micro and colorful dresses : just like in the 2000s, mini dresses are better if they have abstract prints or animal prints, or tie-dye effect sheath dresses in shock colors
  • The crochet: from clothes to accessories, in Y2K fashion it’s really about crochet mania. The “knitted” is the true passion that has already infected many influencers all over the world during and post-lockdown, as well as the stylists who have interpreted it in a luxury key and those who have tried their hand at developing very personal techniques to produce small pieces for himself and for his friends.
  • The fitted white tank top on a toned body together with the baggy jeans different sizes bigger.
  • The jerseys and sweatshirts of the American teams of the heart, strictly with the baseball cap.
  • The crop tops: very short tops to highlight the belly, a real must worn with baggy jeans. There MTV generation adored pop icons with street influences like Christina Aguilera who was the undisputed icon of crop tops.

The return of crochet in style

Crochet has undoubtedly become a must, also thanks to the return of the Y2K trends. Already in 2021 we saw it dominate in global fashion trends, when the most established brands of international fashion have consecrated it, inserting the knitted bags that have conquered even the youngest ones.

But crochet is much more than a passing fashion trend: crochet allows you to discover the meaning of an ancient technique capable of creating a link between generations and becoming timeless.

A crochet bag brings us back as if by magic to the work of the artisans and to the moments spent with care in the creation of that unique piece.

Inherent history and tradition coexist perfectly today with contemporary appeal, current aesthetics and practical design that crosses the times and surpasses catwalk trends.

Characterized by a light, fresh and casual yet precious soul, crochet bags become the perfect accessory and a must for women of all ages. Thanks to their versatility they are suitable for enhancing the most romantic and feminine looks but also the most light-hearted and unconventional ones, typical of Y2K fashion.

The crochet bag thus becomes a must-have, to be used from morning to evening, always right to complete a last minute outfit change.

Whether it’s a small or large shoulder model, the crochet bags are the most exclusive creations of the entire JNH collection. Each bag is made with fine yarns, following the most ancient techniques of manual crochet or knitting, with hand-carded wool.

Strictly handcrafted, one by one, by the skilled hands of South Tyrolean artisans, each JNH bag is a unique piece so it has a special, unparalleled value, just like her.

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